.:. mad science & brainfarts .:.


The citizen cannot cease to need or to be at the mercy of experts, but he can achieve a kind of revenge by ridiculing the wild-eyed professor, the irresponsible brain truster, or the mad scientist, and by applauding the politicians as they pursue the subversive teacher, the suspect scientist, or the allegedly treacherous foreign-policy adviser.

Hofstadter, Richard. Anti-intellectualism in American Life.


20 years ago, I was banned from my homeland, parted from my wife and son, never to see them again. Why? Because I suggested to use the atom elements for producing super-beings. Beings of unthinkable strength and size. I was declared a madman, a charlatan, outlawed in the world of science which previously honoured me as a genius. Now, here in this forsaken jungle hell I have proven that I am all right!

Vornoff, Dr. Eric. Bride of the Monster.


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